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Welcome to Castles in Ireland

Embark on an adventure through history, one castle at a time.

About Us

Welcome to Castles in Ireland, a portal that celebrates Ireland’s rich history, its majestic fortresses, and the tales they hold. My name is Maebh, and I am your guide through this chronicle of stone and mystery.

Who am I?

Born and raised on the Emerald Isle, my passion for Irish history was ignited at a very young age. Perhaps it was the tales my grandmother whispered to me about fairies and warriors, or maybe it was the ruins I’d stumble upon during my countryside wanderings. The love for Ireland’s storied past grew in me, a flame that never waned.

I dedicated my life to uncovering and sharing the lesser-known tales of our land. The castles scattered across Ireland are not just stone and mortar; they are living testaments to our ancestors, their lives, their struggles, and their victories.

Why Castles in Ireland?

I believe that each castle has its own heartbeat, its own tale, and its own place in the vast tapestry of Irish history. With ‘Castles in Ireland’, I aim to provide a comprehensive guide to these architectural marvels. From the towering behemoths that have witnessed countless battles to the romantic ruins reclaimed by nature, every site here tells a tale waiting to be discovered.

This site is more than just a catalogue; it’s a labour of love. It brings together history, photography, and personal anecdotes, making the past come alive for every reader.

Join Me

I invite you to journey with me. As you explore the pages of this site, you’ll not only learn about battlements and keeps but also about the people who lived, loved, and fought within these walls. Every castle holds secrets, stories of intrigue, romance, treachery, and heroism. Together, we will uncover them, one stone at a time.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure. Let the winds of history guide our steps, as we traverse the enchanting landscape of Ireland, seeking tales of yore.



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